Look out for yourself and get an HIV test.


Take Charge. Take the Test.

Take Charge. Take the Test.™ is a social marketing campaign developed to encourage African American women to get tested for HIV. Through compelling messages and imagery, the campaign aims to help African American women recognize their risk of getting HIV and empowers them with the information they need to take charge of their health. Take Charge. Take the Test.™ was informed by significant research with African American women across the United States, as well as by nationally-renowned social marketing consultants, target audience experts, and leaders in HIV/AIDS prevention.

Take Charge. Take the Test.™ is a part of Act Against AIDS, CDC’s five-year, multi-faceted national communication campaign to fight the HIV/AIDS crisis in the United States. Act Against AIDS focuses on raising HIV awareness among all persons living in the United States and reducing the risk of infection among the hardest-hit populations. The multiple campaign phases use TV, radio, newspapers, billboard advertisements, magazines, the Internet, and other communication channels to deliver important HIV prevention messages. To learn more about Act Against AIDS, visit www.cdc.gov/actagainstaids.